Kanye West Apologizes to Taylor Swift on Jay Leno’s Show

Kanye West made a special appearance on the first episode of the new Jay Leno Show to apologize to Taylor Swift for crashing her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV VMAs. I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel for Yeezy during this, you’ll see what I mean. Check out the clip below.

[flashvideo file=http://video.ak.facebook.com%2Fvideo-ak-sf2p%2Fv6812%2F59%2F56%2F138865963320_49266.mp4 /]

Here’s the performance piece with Jay-Z, Kanye and Rihanna performing “Run This Town”.

[flashvideo file=http://video.ak.facebook.com%2Fvideo-ak-sf2p%2Fv6814%2F5%2F46%2F138869293320_45356.mp4 /]

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