Kanye Still Thinks His Demin Jacket Is Amazing

Kanye West released some pics from the set of his latest video for Amazing featuring Young Jeezy. The video which was shot in Hawaii and directed by Hype Williams will be Kanye’s third single from 808’s & Heartbreak. You’ll also notice he still thinks the blue demim jacket I rocked in kindergarten is still in. Peep the pictures below.


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One thought on “Kanye Still Thinks His Demin Jacket Is Amazing

  1. I have to agree with you about that jacket. Denim jackets are definitely not so much right now. Maybe in another 10 years or so, it’ll come back. Thought just came to me: Maybe the issue isn’t that Kanye is behind the times. Maybe he’s so far ahead of the times that he’s laughing at us as we try to play catch up…

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