Kanye Says Kim Kardashian is Pregnant


Looks like Kanye’s Grammy rant at Revel Casino wasn’t the only thing he wanted to talk about as people in attendance are now claiming Kanye announced that his girlfriend Kim Kardashian is pregnant.

Story still developing…here’s some footage from Kanye’s performance at Revel where he rants about the Grammys snubbing Watch The Throne for best album, critisims against his clothing line and how people didn’t want him to become a rapper.

Update: Here’s the clip of Kanye saying “Can we make some noise for my baby mama right quick?”.

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2 thoughts on “Kanye Says Kim Kardashian is Pregnant

  1. Kanye is probably the biggest attention whore ever. Unfortunately the media loves attention whores.

  2. Clearly she let Kanye finish

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