Kanye “I Didn’t Write For My First 4 Albums”

In a short clip for the upcoming documentary Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, Kanye West shares that for his first four albums he didn’t write any lyrics down, just went straight in the booth and recorded off the top. This isn’t surprising and is something artists like Lil Wayne and Jay-Z have perfected. What is interesting is that he says his album, MBDTF, was all written, because he felt he had something to prove and from the critical acclaim that album received, he sure did.

“I can make someone that really hates me the most, respect or like the song”. -Kanye West


One thought on “Kanye “I Didn’t Write For My First 4 Albums”

  1. I ain’t surprised either, he’s not really a guy I look at for great lyrics and witticisms.

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