Juelz Santana – God Will’n Mixtape


Here’s a name we haven’t seen for a while and by a while I mean 7 years, Juelz Santana returns to the game with a new .zip called God Will’n. What’s interesting is Juelz Santana is pretty much the precursor to much of what’s gone in rap in the last year and a half. He’s forgone the sped up soul sample over south drum patterns for Fl Studio trap beats, which depending on which way your taste sway is a good or bad thing.

As for this new mixtape, it’s a decent entry and definetly bangs. Lyrically, Juelz has become much better than he was, he’s not screaming staccato flows anymore, he’s a little more fluid. As far as topic matter goes, it’s still a lot of typical male posturing, how he’ll fuck my bitch and how much more money he has than me, which I don’t mind as long as the beats dope and the flows and verses are entertaining.

It’ll be interesting to see if Juelz can make a comeback. My feeling is he wont as it’s very difficult in this environment for anyone to make a comeback, if they are not actively dropping material and if it took Juelz 7 years to come up with this then…If Juelz applies Juicy J’s mentality to the game he certainly does have a shot, just like anyone else.


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