John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama


Former Democratic Presidential nominee John Edwards came out today to endorse Barack Obama and aside from saying some nice things about Obama he also said some nice things about Hilary Clinton in an effort to unite the party. You’ll notice when he first mentions Hilary, everyone starts booing, which is pretty funny, but Edwards manages to get people cheering for Clinton, before the Obama chant begins.

Politically, this is a huge endorsement for Obama, as those democrats who were neither for Clinton or Obama will be looking favorably at Obama now. In addition, Edwards bring much needed reconciliation between the Democratic sides, which should set in motion a united Democratic party for the fall. Even Hilary came out today saying that her supporters should vote for Barack Obama over John McCain in the fall. However, did you see the post-polls in West Virgina where Clinton smashed Obama by 43%?

According to a poll taken in West Virgina, 81% of voters who were asked if race played an issue in who they vote for, said “yes”. 81%!!! No wonder, Clinton won by such a huge margin. First of all what the hell is going on in West Virigina? I know it’s 98% white folk, but have these people never seen a black person or even a chinese dude for that matter? I don’t know if you guys saw it, but there was this news clip of a reporter interviewing an old white woman after she voted. The reporter asked her who she voted for and why and the golden girl said, “Hilary of course, I could never vote for Obama because he’s Muslim”. The reporter than said, “He says he’s not Muslim” to which the lady responded, “That’s what he says”.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this election is bringing up every little racial issue that exists in America today. It’s actually funny, because the people that are causing all the racial tension are the usual suspects, dumb Americans. There’s a lot of dumb Americans of all colors that are having such a hard time with the man’s race, in smart America no one cars about Obama’s race, other than to tell dumb America to shut up and sit down. So all my smart Americans, it doesn’t matter who your voting for, but please do your part in educating dumb Americans to vote on the issues, not on the color of the candidate’s skin.

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