Joell Ortiz – Can’t You Tell & Ghetto


Even though Joel is no longer on Aftermath, he is still going hard with his new video Can’t You Tell. You’ll also get to see a little of the track Ghetto he did with Nas of that Negro Mixtape.

I’m still trying to find a Joel Ortiz shirt in Brooklyn!! Somebody hook me up.

3 thoughts on “Joell Ortiz – Can’t You Tell & Ghetto

  1. negro tape?
    nah but that was a fuckign crazy verse joel had on that song dude, that whole tape was fucking dope

  2. agree tape was sick. i had that on blast for minute.

  3. yo i don’t know the legalities of this shit, but if you can you should definately put links up to downloading some mixtapes, one because im always last to figure out when they are out, and two, looking on google for that shit sucks when all you know is that dude may be coming out with an album that quarter so maybe he might drop a hot mixtape too. yo you know i understand that looking for that sucks for you too but yo start with mine haha, just kiddin, but for real that’d be real hot if yorapper started doing that.

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