Joe Budden’s Mood Musik 3 Drops December 15

Joe Budden

According to Dj On Point’s myspace page the highly anticipated MM3 will be dropping tomorrow December 15, 2007. Fans will know that the last month hasn’t been too good for Mr. Budden has he has had very little promotion as his primary marketing tool, has been down. In addition, no set release date was given for the street album other than it would be dropping some time in December.

Now we just gotta wait for the leak. Wow, what a weak, first we get Lupe’s joint and now MM3.


2 thoughts on “Joe Budden’s Mood Musik 3 Drops December 15

  1. in what store cause i want the dvd too

  2. You can get it at as joe budden's site is down. I'm not sure if you can get the dvd anymore cause I think it was only for the first 5000 cds sold.

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