Joe Budden Responds to Method Man & Busta Rhymes

Joe Budden responds to the comments Busta Rhymes made about slapping him up and Method Man’s comments about Joey trying to still get in the game.

Props to Executive Nick for the top notch editing and score.

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3 thoughts on “Joe Budden Responds to Method Man & Busta Rhymes

  1. i dont like joe budden as a rapper but he got a point he should say hes better than anybody else because i you dont believe in yourself who else gonna? so i think everybody like busta and meth should just stfu

  2. there’s a difference between believing in yourself and knocking rappers that paved the way for punks like joey.

  3. He was just statin his opinion. Because it’s him and cats feel threatened they trip. Busta said Joey should be smacked for givin his opinion when it wasn’t asked for but who the hell asked Busta for his opinion. Nobody tripped over Busta’s comments cuz he ain’t a threat. I believe Meth is afraid. If he really felt he was better he wouldn’t have responded at all let alone hint at violence. Perfect example: (50 Cent vs. Lil’ Wayne, Jim Jones vs. T.I.)

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