Joe Budden Pushes Back Padded Room

Joe Budden Padded Room

Joe Budden’s next album, Padded Room, which was supposed to come out in December is now coming out Feb. 24, 2009. It looks like the label thinks the Jay-Z Kanye West 50 Cent sales bonanza will take away sales from regular Joe. We tend to agree. Good move.

Here’s what Joe Budden had to say about the situation and what’s on the horizon for him.

“to those of you who have been patient enough to bear with me……

padded room started out as a transitional album for me, and amalgam as well, they knew very little about me and vice versa….. once the album was completed, both parties were so excited about the final product that we were both willing to do anything in our means to raise awareness, tho i’m not happy about it being pushed so far back, i do understand the method behind the madness…. we’ve got an album that i’m extremely proud of, and a lead off single that we’re both very happy with, but for those of you who are just as anxious as myself, i apologize…..

which brings us to “halfway house”…… 14 songs that have nothing to do with padded room…..(padded room will remain the same….)
i will be releasing a prequel of sorts in late october featuring about 14 new records, i then will do my best to get this big mike tape out in december, and somewhere in between i’m gonna have a conversation with royce, on wax, just to ask a few questions to the guy……

just to help some of u out (only cuz i’m bored and the eagles are winning)….
what started as me stealing money, turned n2 an amazing album…
what i thought started as some broke, unknown label, turned n2 a more then capable means of distributing music……
what started at the august release date, turned n2 3 GREAT records that wouldn’t have been there if not for the push back….
what was touch and go, is now a way better/bigger song….
amalgam said lets move it to feb., i said kool, long as i can release new (new as in, i’m recording the bulk of it now, and have been since sat.), music in oct., 4 yall
the big mike mixtape i’m doing….. 4 yall, scratch that….. 4 us….

i’m more for the fans then the majority of artists in the world, its a shame some of you rather attribute my def jam situation to laziness or lack of motivation….. and fyi, artists have absolutely nothing to do with release dates, thats a totally different machine concerning retailers…..
i’ve made money in this game off 2 songs primarily, and those same 2 songs continue to pay me to this day, so, subtract 2 from however many joe budden songs u have in itunes or where ever u store music, then think about some of the things u say in retrospect…..

at the end of the day, haters will do their job, and supporters will do theirs..”

2 thoughts on “Joe Budden Pushes Back Padded Room

  1. man aw man aw man u talkin bout can’t wait man u doing yo thang man hats to u,believe it or not u inspired me to start writing and i listen to just about everthing u got man like u said pour ur heart out on records and i took that and ran wit it i hope to get to ur level or beyound but u keep doin ya thang man i am going to buy 2 copies not that u needed but shiiit just fa me..but fa now im just going to calmdown cause i got a long way to go,wit me bein a old school mouse an all,my jump off was kinda slow,so if i die tommorrrow,at least god walk wit me,how many sides to a story it’s 3,but when thugs cry they cry hard that they just can’t breath

  2. my dirty jers folks whats popin always fucked wit ya think u and fab and the boy mook is some hungry spitten niggas dont see why u fuckin wit pop shit apoligize nigga but let by gones be by gones rather see u fackin wit da a team again well im ya boy shawn myles the best that never did it come back to pittsburgh lotta talent here you might come up on some thing ez keep up ya penmemship

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