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Joe Budden

It’s not a mystery that I am in anticipation of Joe Bud’s Mood Muzik 3 (which is supposed to drop some time in December 07), but cot damn this nigga is really fucken up his promotion game right now. His website has been done for like the past two weeks! When you try to access the site it just says, “This Account Has Been Suspended” and “Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.” WTF. The internet soldiers (the name given for Joey’s most vocal internet fans) are going to be throwing their keyboards out the window!

Why? Because the only way to get your hands on MMM3 is through the site by pre-ordering it. You fucked up Joey! If this album is delayed the heads are not going to have a very good Christmas what with Lil Wizzel’s Tha Carter 3: Tha Leak not coming out and all, who are we going to turn to for those crazy lyrics? Birdman? [sidebar: his album leaked last night and I must admit is pretty damn funny]. Joey better not have got a record deal, I’ll be pissed!! *Turns up Dumb Out*

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