Joe Budden – Padded Room Album Cover & Tracklist

Joe Budden Padded Room Album Cover

Fresh of the press, I just had Joe Budden’s Padded Room album cover delivered. After peeping out that online chat Joe did last night and this album cover, I think we may have another classic on our hands.

Joe Budden Padded Room Tracklist
1.) Now I Lay
2.) Touch N Go
3.) If I Gotta Go
4.) Blood On The Wall
5.) Don’t Make Me
6.) In My Sleep
7.) Outcast
8.) I Couldn’t Help It
9.) Do Tell
10.) My Life
11.) Better Me
12.) Just to Be Different
13.) Angel In My Life
14.) Pray For Me

12 thoughts on “Joe Budden – Padded Room Album Cover & Tracklist

  1. album is real good joe budden is a problem

  2. yo joey b is one of the most underrated artists out right now. the album is sick so dont worry its one of his best

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