Joe Budden Inks Deal with Indie Lable, Releasing Mood Muzik 3.5

Joe Budden Mood Muzik 3.5

Wow. After YoRapper gave MM3 five stars, Budden’s luck has turned around (just kidding). He has recently announced he will be re-releasing Mood Muzik 3 as Mood Muzik 3.5 which will feature two bonus tracks as well contain no annoying Dj On Point shout outs. The new album will be distributed through indie label, Amalgam Digital and will be released Feb 26, 2008. It’s good this album is getting the exposure it deserves, but I’m pretty sure all the internet soldiers have downloaded the hell out of MM3 already. You can check out the bonus tracks at his new label’s site.

Lucky for us heads, Budden’s also announced that he will be releasing his second full length album entitled “Padded Room” also through Amalgam Digital. I’m not to sure about the title “Padded Room”, but I wasn’t too sure about the title Mood Muzik either. As long as dude can stay inspired, I’ll be listening.

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