Joe Budden Hearts Drake or Drake Hearts Joe Budden?

Joe Budden and Drake pretty much fall in love after Tahiry’s King magazine cover party (jokes). Joey keeps it real with Drake and asks him about if he would respond to any diss tracks and if there is beef with Kid Cudi. Drake in a well-trained media fashion (being the child actor he was), recites his line, “Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply from it” and says there is no beef with him and Kid Cudi.

Budden also tells Drake that’s all b.s. because before Drake hooked up with Lil Wayne he was involved in some rap beef with a few Toronto artists and says that Drake used a rhyme against an artist that used Joe Budden as the “butt of the joke” so to speak. They don’t go into it too much, but since I’m a hip hop stan I’ll fill you in.

Drake somehow got involved with in a rap beef with this thug rapper named Aristo because apparently Drake was throwing subliminals at him. The feud which saw the two trade diss tracks was interesting because it was the “big name thug rapper” vs the “upcoming soft child actor” and most people say Drake won -though that is debatable. Now when Drake was coming out he sounded a lot like Joe Budden, in fact, if you listen to City Is Mine he downright stole that thing Joey does where on the last word he pitches his voice up (it’s hard to explain). Anyway, Aristo’s criticism of Drake was that he sounded like Joe Budden, Kanye West and Andre 3000 (keep in mind this was before Lil Wayne blew up and Drake borrowed Lil Wayne’s flow). So Drake responded by saying, “If I mimic buddens flow u mimic his career”. Ouch!

Side thought: After this, I’m pretty Djs are going to start doing Drake & Joe Budden mixtape blends. Put Joey’s Padded Room raps over Drake’s So Far Gone instrumentals.


3 thoughts on “Joe Budden Hearts Drake or Drake Hearts Joe Budden?

  1. flemo to parma

  2. i think aristo came out lyk a bitch with “good morning”. jonny roxx probably had tha best verse on “good riddance”. followed by ken masters and drake. aristo wuhznt shit to them after good riddance. i listen to good riddance everyday…its dope but aristo’s good morning wuhznt shit i cudnt evn hear what he was saying with his lil 10 year old voice. if aristo came up to me….i wud diss him too. shit.

  3. im SoUPpAh MAn i said all tht shit and if aristo ever sees this i hope he comes after me i aint scared

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