Joe Budden Goes to Ransom’s Applebees


Joe Budden must have been upset about Ransom’s lattest rant about him because he claims he has video of him and his goons roughing up Ransom in his own house.

I have a feeling Ransom is going to actually kill Budden since Ransom really has nothing to live for.

3 thoughts on “Joe Budden Goes to Ransom’s Applebees

  1. yo first off lmfao at budden, he didn’t need to do this but still shits crazy, Ran’s career is over, its been over but he’s just not at the level to do real shit.
    But but but let me talk for a minute just to yorapper for a second, I came here tonight expecting you to post the rip of Jada’s letter to Big, for the Notorious movie, just so i could come on here post my video of Mr Cee playing it at the nas show at Hammerstien last night then brag about seeing Busta in person, doing the arab money dance with him, then go on to brag about how I’m an extra in the biggie movie, you know the concert scene i’m in like the second fuckign row, just straight grinding on the most beautiful round brown behind I’ve ever grinded on on, I’m one of the only white kids in the whole audiance for that movie, so I shouldn’t be hard to find despite the storbe lights. I’m danm near albino, in those lights I be reflecting like I’m glow in the dark nah mean.
    But now that thats off my chest hope you have a good new years but most importantlyy be safe goodnight New York

  2. Yeah I done know your in that notorious movie. And yeah that Jada joint is okay.


    Anyone see this? It just got ugly people. I can see a few bodies with this beef.

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