Joe Budden Pissess Everyone Off

Joe Budden Touch and Go ringtone

Please tell me this is joke? Please god, I know I really don’t believe in you and all, but how you can you do this to us? Joe Budden, Joey, if your reading this and from all your peeps hitting me off, I know you probably are. Man W-T-F is this? Have your lost your muther-funking mind? You said, “Get head till a brother need Tylenol”, WTF. And what’s with all the misogyny? Okay, now I got that off my chest, let’s put all this into context.

I love club songs. I love car music. I love dancing (that sounds kinda suspect but whatever). I loved pump it up, I wasn’t really feelen’ fire and gangster party. But again, whatever. But what you have done here is make what sounds like a watered-down version of fire, which was an already watered down song to begin with. What the funk gives?

Do you need someone to pick your beats? Because I am more than happy to take on that position. This sounds like it was made for Justin Timberlake by a dude trying to swagga jack Timbaland. And speaking of Timbaland, you should be focusing on getting the song you did with him released instead of remaking this nonsense. Listen Joe stop messing with these funking rookies, fruity loopers, reason loopers, whatever. They all sound mad amateur and are bringing your shit down. I am the first one to argue, you need a commercial hit, but this is not it. Okay more rewind…

Admittedly, I heard this song a few days ago and was so in shock, I pretended like I never heard it. I must have listened to it 20 times trying my best to like it. I finally mustered the courage to zshare it today and still feel the same way. Chipmunks on the hook? Are you serious? Is this 2001? Wait, was this song made in ’01? Don’t lieeeeeee. Okay more rewind…

Yesterday, I just finished arguing that you were the best rapper in the game now. I said, “Joe Budden is the best rapper right now, Lil Wayne is the hottest rapper right now and Jay-Z is the greatest rapper right now”. You have ruined me.

Now fast forward…

PS. Yorapper’s only 5 Star rating was for Mood Muzik 3.

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6 thoughts on “Joe Budden Pissess Everyone Off

  1. It’s really not that serious to be venting about. If you don’t like the song, don’t listen to it. Go find something from joe that you do like.. its that simple!

    LOL @ people gettin in a tizzy because he made one sub-par song. What about all the great music he’s made? I’ve never seen people type paragraphs about that..

    People can be so fickle.. its ridicolous.

  2. I agree with chase, folks act like a dude can’t make a club song to try to get somemainstream exposure, idiot!! Let that man try to maximize his audience cats always wanna keep you on the personal music stash so they can say shit like” you don’t know nuthin bout that Joe Budden” dummy you should want people to know about Joey!!! He should at least be as popular as Talib and Mos damn. Do ya thang Jo, I see why you aka “FUCK NIGGAZ”

  3. Maybe i’m not a real music goer, however, i don’t think the song, if your talking Touch and Go, is that much of a problem.

    Watered down ‘Fire’, yes, but fire was a great tune. So was Pump it up! Chipmonks? Whatever! i think the song is good and yes can reach out to a more mainstream audience but like dude said earlier, Joey has done a lot of great tracks.

    I’m listening to his album and it is something that i can MAYBE, skip one or two songs, but it’s good. His mixtapes are the shit as well. however, if you didn’t like that one song, then listen to something else. Some people always wanna complain but at the same time can’t even mention anything else that was good.

    I think Joey is a very good and underated rapper. ok, maybe one song might have been shit in your eyes but give dude props when it’s due.

  4. When people review, they usually give good and bad points. All i read was negativity upon negativity. After the sly prop about ‘Pump It Up’ was a good song, the rest after that sunded like… ‘…but the rest were/are garbage’.
    Yes, we all like to hear a decent club song every now and then, but at the same time, club songs aren’t always great. Moreover, i’m sure Joe Budden has a lot of songs that are great that can get a mention rather than you dwelling on one “DEAD” club song.

  5. Joe is that nigga…..if you aint never been through shit you wouldnt understand. Silver Spoon ass niggas. Joe is deep but of coures he aint gone get deep on a track like “pump it up”. Joe Budden the self titled album, Mood Muzik 1, 2, & 3, Halfway House all get real. Joe keep doin you, you cant please’em all. Its that On Top MuZiK!!

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