Joe Budden Deads Beef With Saigon

Joe Budden

“The man of the internet”, Joe Budden, hits up Shade 45 to dead the beef with Saigon. Peep the audio from the interview below.


4 thoughts on “Joe Budden Deads Beef With Saigon

  1. Well at least Budden is rational. Unfortunately that doesn’t bode well for hip-hop because he’s not an idiot. I can hear Saigon fans saying he won, even though it was like Jay-Z deading the beef with Prodigy. Joe ether’d him twice anyway.

  2. Budden killed siagon, but we all got to agree sia eithered lil trey

  3. cmon buddens stans… saigon flammed dood over that wu beat…

  4. No, saigon stan. Joey killed dood over the course of two tracks. It was laughable.

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