Joe Budden Challenges Raekwon to “Squaredance”

Joe Budden challenges to Raekwon to a fist fight after being punched in his “eye cheek”. This is really getting ridiculous because as we all know Joe Budden has invited everyone he has had beef with to a boxing match. I highly doubt this will occur as Raekwon is pushing fifty…in that case purely out of pride this might happen. What do you think is going to happen?

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In this clip, Joey talks more about the Raekwon situation as well as what happened to his scheduled matches between Saigon and Ransom.

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Here’s the above continued.

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And here’s more…
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And more…
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One thought on “Joe Budden Challenges Raekwon to “Squaredance”

  1. BULL!!! Nothing’s gonna happen!

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