Joe Budden Barfs Seeing 50 Cent and Tahiry

If you probably don’t know, Joe Budden and Tahiry had a falling out a few weeks ago and since then Tahiry has been doing her own thing such as getting friendly with a Mr. Curtis Jackson, while Joey is getting to know myspace queen Somaya Reece. If you ask me Joey traded up.

50 Cent Tahiry

Anyway, when Budden said the picture of Tahiry with Fifty he says “I almost threw up in my mouth”. Peep the clip below, you’ll also hear Joe Budden’s “Russian Roulette” freestyle. Kinda sick.

[flashvideo file= /]

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One thought on “Joe Budden Barfs Seeing 50 Cent and Tahiry

  1. Hmmmmm…I think this nigga need to break up with more broads! Cause homie went off on this. lol

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