Joe Biden Vs. Sarah Palin: Who Won?

Joe Biden Sarah Palin

Some thoughts on the vice-presidential debate. I think Biden won based on providing facts to back up his arguments. He was also very tenacious about making those arguments and never let Palin get away with anything. The only thing he could have done better is “dumb it down” as some people may not know what he’s talking about when he uses big words and brings up complex policy positions. However, I think most people have a good ability to tell whose telling the truth and whose lying even if they don’t know too much about the subject at hand.

I thought Palin was really good at “dumbing it down” and being “folksy” but she avoided every important question and was very vague – which was annoying as hell. Imagine you are a cop interrogating someone about a crime and they keep bringing up reasons why they are such a great person, wouldn’t you bust their head open? Even though this was more of a debate than the presidential debate I wish they would both actually address points instead of sticking to the script. Either way, Biden won this hands down.

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  1. So what were the official poll results?

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