Jim Jones Talks Greezy about Yeezy

Jim Jones

Jim Jones takes a few jabs at Kanye West in a recent interview with radio host Kedra G, in which the Capo responds to Kanye being mad that he closed out Hot 97’s Summer Jam. He said,

Kanye is the one in the industry who throws tantrums and people become use to it and we don’t take things he says to personal because he is like the “Revenge of the Nerds to me.” He is the one who wears full buttons ups Danny Terial style! I don’t like tight jeans! I only like tight jeans on females and that comment is not just for Ye! It seems like jeans are getting tighter and sneakers are getting bigger!

The grease ball makes a good point. I can understand not wearing jeans 10 sizes too baggy cause that’s real naggerish but rocking your jeans 10 sizes too tight is mad homo. Can we have a happy medium kids? You know when you see 15 year olds wearing jeans tighter than Prince looken’ all chicken legged and all -hip hop is in a weird place.

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