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Jim Jones ringtone

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Available Jim Jones Ringtones
We Fly High (Ballin’)
Byrd Gang Money (feat. Noe and Mel Matrix)
Love Me No More (feat. Cobe)
American Gangster
Baby Girl (feat. Max B)
Blasphemy (feat. Stack Bundles)
Bright Light Big City (Ft. Max.B.)
Byrd Gang Money (feat. Noe and Mel Matrix)
Byrdgang Money (feat. Noe and Mel Matrix)
Come On Come (feat. Noe and Oshy)
Concrete Jungle
Confront Ya Babe (feat. Max B and Cardan)
Don’t Forget About Me (Ft. Max.B.)
Don’t Push Me Away (Ft.Rell)
Emotionless (Ft.Juelz Santana)
Freekey Zekey (Skit)
G’s Up (feat. Max B)
Get It Poppin (Ft.Jha Jha Princess)
Gizzang (feat. Chink Santana)
Heartbeat (feat. Noe and Hell Rell)
Honey Dip (feat. Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer and Latiff)
I Gotta Have It (feta. Noe)
I Know (Ft.Chink Santana)
Im The Man (feat. Noe)
In Love Wit’ A Thug (feat. 40.Cal and Denise Weeks)
Intro (feat. Oshy and Dame Dash)
Intro (Ft. Max.B.)
Lookin At The Game (feat. Stack Bundles)
Love Me No More (feat. Cobe)
Love Of My Life (Ft. Max.B.)
Mobbin (feat. Mel Matrix)
Money Right (Feat. Noe and Sen)
My Diary (feat. Denise Weeks)
My Fly Hihgh (feat. Max B)
My Life
No Fuss (feat. Mel Matrix Stack Bundles and Rell)
Only 17 (feat. Stack Bundles)
Oopsy Daisy (feat. Noe and Mel Matrix)
Penitentiary Chances (feat. Hell Rell)
Pin The Tail
Pop Champagne
Pour Wax (Ft.Hell Rell)
Reppin Time
Ride Wit’ Me (feat. Juelz Santana)
Rockefeller Laws (feat. Rell)
She So Gangsta (feat. Noe and Oshy)
Skit 1 (feat. Dame Dash)
Skit 2 (feat. Dame Dash)
Skit 3 (feat. Dame Dash)
Skit 4 (feat. Dame Dash)
So Cold (feat. Sandman)
So Harlem (Ft. Max.B.)
Splash (feat. Juelz Santana)
Stay Ballin (feat. Jnay)
Summer Wit’ Miami (feat. Trey Songz)
The Good Stuff
The King (feat. Noe)
Throwin Bg’s (feat. Sandman)
Tupac Joint (feat. Hussein Fatal and 40.Cal)
Up In Harlem
Voicemail(Skit 2)
We Fly High
We Flying (feat. Noe and Mel Matrix)
We Just Ballin’ (feat. T.K.)
Weatherman (Feat.Lil Wayne)
What Is This
What You Drinkin’ On (feat. P. Diddy, Paul Wall and Jha-Jha)
Zeke Interlude

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