Jay-Z’s Takeover Vs Nas’ Ether: Let’s Get This Settled

A heated debate me and my friends always have is the comic book-esque war between Jay-Z and Nas that occurred in 2001 (at the time of this writing some 8 years ago). Now I’m sure everyone who knows anything has heard all the arguments, let me just re-cap them below (feel free to add your own) and then please vote in the poll. This is poll is going to end this whole Jay-Z vs Nas debate once and for all, okay? Okay maybe not, but at least we’ll try.

“The Jay-Z Won” Side
People (my friends) like to say Jay-Z won the war of words with Nas because:
(1) Jay-Z has way more money than Nas
(2) Jay-Z had “relations” with Nas’ babymother (which are detailed on the diss Jay-Z did to Nas over the Super-Ugly beat).
(3) Jay-Z signed Nas to Def Jam which somehow made Nas, Jay-Z’s slave.
(4) Jay-Z’s “Takeover” re-started Nas’ career
(5) Nas can never make songs that give you the same feeling as a Jay-Z song. Even to this day when a Jay-Z song leaks the internet goes crazy, when a Nas song leaks, not so much.

“The Nas Won” Side
(1) Ether

Now I can’t tell if you can tell whose side I’m on but to make it clear I think Nas won and simply because Ether was just so powerful. While the reasons people say Jay-Z won are true to a degree, they usually are confusing the argument with “who is a better rapper?”. No this is about who won the lyrical war. And “Ether” is like the part in a Van Dame movie (for the younger kids the movie “Fighting”) where the good guy is beaten almost to death and some how comes back and destroys the bad guy who cheated by throwing chalk dust in his eyes. Even though I’m a bigger stan of Jay-Z, you have to put your biases aside and give the W to Nas. For godsakes, Hov had to address Nas three times!

Listen to Nas’ “Ether”
[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiOv37e1a7Q /]

Listen to Jay-Z’s “Takeover”
[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAnGnevKxJE /]

Listen to Jay-Z’s “Super Ugly”
[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKj5Mmg3Lnw /]

Listen to Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 2″
[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg8hgYHQov0 /]

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40 thoughts on “Jay-Z’s Takeover Vs Nas’ Ether: Let’s Get This Settled

  1. fuck wit yo soul like ether, teach u the king you know u, not GOD’S son across the belly (lose) I prove u lost already. Even b4 the winner in this Gay-Z vs Nas beef was decided, Nas already knew he’d won the battle. Since Big’s death, the heir to the throne was automatically Nas.

  2. Ah reading everyones commets is so entertaining! I have to agree with the people on nas side. The simple reason nas never provokes anyone or calls people out just to improve his career… What reason did jay-z have to fuck with nas? The mans mom was dying if you heard the song “dance” by nas u know how much he loved her, n the pain he was going through.. in my opinion gay-z is an arrogant bastard who is stuck up on his materialistic wealth. I respect both nas $ jay-z cause they made a great life out of nothing… “You traded your soul for riches my child I’ve watched you grow up to be famous and now I smile like a proud dad, watching his only son that made it…” still nas words are more powerful n up lifting in general starting from illmatic to untitled u can see nas has grown up as a man n cares a lot about social issues… While jayz came from nothing to a really rich successful rapper… How did he care about society? By flaunting his wealth n saying he is better then everyone? Wow welcome to the lowest quality of rap. K back to takeover n ether sry I went off topic a little… But ether was just shear destruction… Sure jay sells more then nas but if anyone listens to rap that is not everything… Cause even lil Wayne has sold lots of albums doesn’t make him a legend just popular at the time….

    All I gotta say is listen to “last words” by nas his version is killer

  3. Crap pressed submit without finishing… Writing from phone… Though jay-z is great n all nas takes the crown simply put… Who cares if nas used childish disses at times they were funny as hell… I rock hoes y’all rock fellas… Plus the diss by jay was un called for he was just high on his fame n went after nas to show he is better… N man nas let em have it!! My 2 very long cents =P hope to hear from people. N eminem murdered him on his own shit “renegade” if anyone didn’t know… Btw em, nas > jay

  4. everyone loves an underdog. maybe ether had a little more sting, but overall, takeover was a powerful record and i think it did save nasir’s career, it definitely did. i think a reply is much easier than the initial diss, you can rehearse it, revise it, let others hear it and get input which surely nas did. imagine jay having the chance to reply after the 1st shot from nas and dedicate the entire song to nas. takeover wasn’t completely about nas.
    The funny thing is that when LL got @ Canibus, it ended Canibus’ career foreal. So Ether can’t be the best diss track like dude said, besides, ‘hit em up’ is (ask nas or jay). to me, jay z is hands down the better rapper of the 2. nas is boring and a little overrated himself. to be honest, i haven’t even heard nas’ last 2 albums, just a few cuts from each, eh, the other was illmatic.

  5. I know you missin all the – FAAAAAAAME!
    But along with celebrity comes bout seventy shots to your frame
    Nigga; you a – LAAAAAAAME!
    Youse the fag model for Karl Kani/Esco ads
    Went from, Nasty Nas to Esco’s trash
    Had a spark when you started but now you’re just garbage
    Fell from top ten to not mentioned at all
    to your bodyguard’s “Oochie Wally” verse better than yours
    Matter fact you had the worst flow on the whole fuckin song
    but I know – the sun don’t shine, then son don’t shine
    That’s why your – LAAAAAAAME! – career come to a end
    There’s only so long fake thugs can pretend
    Nigga; you ain’t live it you witnessed it from your folks pad
    You scribbled in your notepad and created your life
    I showed you your first tec on tour with Large Professor
    (Me, that’s who!) Then I heard your album bout your tec on the dresser
    So yeah I sampled your voice, you was usin it wrong
    You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song
    And you ain’t get a coin nigga you was gettin fucked and
    I know who I paid God, Serchlite Publishing
    Use your – BRAAAAAAAIN! You said you been in this ten
    I’ve been in it five – smarten up Nas
    Four albums in ten years nigga? I can divide
    That’s one every let’s say two, two of them shits was due
    One was – NAHHH, the other was “Illmatic”
    That’s a one hot album every ten year average
    And that’s so – LAAAAAAAME! Nigga switch up your flow
    Your shit is garbage, but you try and kick knowledge?
    (Get the fuck outta here) You niggaz gon’ learn to respect the king
    Don’t be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen
    Because you know who (who) did you know what (what)
    with you know who (yeah) but just keep that between me and you for now

    Wow, no, Takeover wins. That Tec on the dresser is true also, Large Professor talks about it in an interview. peep the link..


  6. First of all Nas clearly dismantled Jay with ether. Kaybee just because Jay-Z had a Tec-9, doesnt make it true that it was nas FIRST Tec he seen. Im sure in Queensbridge Nas probably seen plenty of heat.

    But anyway its not even close. Jay-Z has one subject matter. HIMSELF. Nigga dont nobody want to constantly hear about how much money you got. Somebody earlier said that Jayz caused nas to write 3 verses. NO

    Jay-Z being the cocky nigga he is never seen that Hagler Hook coming that Nas floored his ass with. He broke rule number 1 in war. UNDERESTIMATING your opponent.

    If Jay would have wrote three verses for Takeover strictly for Nas, we may be having a different discussion and a different victor.

    Niggas also throw in bullshit that have nothing to do wit lyrics. Jay Fucked nas baby moms, Nigga who gives a fuck? I aint smash LOL, and on top of that you cant control what another muthafucka do. Lebron mom was fucking delonte west. Is that his fault?? and it certainly aint on that level so Hoes gonna be hoes.

    That 1 hot album 10 year shit is BULLSHIT and an opinion not fact. Especially when the Source magazine was highly credible in that era and gave nas 4.5 mics for I Am, and 4 mics for it was written. So 5 Mics for illmatic, 4 mics for it was written, and 4.5 for I Am. That disproves that nonsense right there.

    Beans Bleek And other niggas on the Roc in interviews clearly stated it was a sad day around that muthafucka. Ether is what stopped Jay from respondng in battles. He lost his confidence cause of nas. If he would won with takeover, knowing jays cocky ass you think he would let jim jones camron and other niggas just run they mouth about him? thats not the jay i know. even brian pumper dissing that nigga LMFAO.

    So dont get me wrong Jay-Z is nice with the flow, but he cant in a million years fuck with nas the true king of NY. When illmatic dropped he was on the fucking corner thinking he was gonna be a failure in his own words.

  7. Okaaay, im about to be 18 ive really been listening to hip-hop since probaly 6th grade.(strict household)But as ive been getting older my parents loosened up and now i Listen to whatever the fuck i want.So,”Takeover”vs”ether. since i stared with hiphop so late ive just been researching everything ive missed over the years. Like who sampled who and so. To tell the truth i listen to “ether” for the first time last summer. i loled so hard i almost had an asthma attack. Now recently (so ashamed) i heard “takeover”.This is how I See things,”Takeover crushed and revitalized Nas in a way. Jay mostly talked about more beleiveable things for instance:
    1.Nas being a Ballerina(idk if this is true but it can be proven)
    2.Jay selling more ablums in his first week than one of Nas’s Albums
    3.Nas falling from top ten and his “Oochie Wally” verse
    4.Calling him a fake thug
    5.Showing Nas his first Tech
    5.Nas being in the game ten years and not having a good album since “illmatic”
    6.Nas’s Girlfriend or whatever….

    On the other hand “Ether” just totally embarassed Gay-z(lol). Nas goes at Jay for allegedly being a misogynist(women hater). Only facts i can think of in “Ether” was the Krs quote, Jay saying hes better than Biggie, maybe Jay trading his soul, Jay taking karate classes(??), Naming of Jays label, and eminem dissing him on his own track.
    To me “Takeover > “Ether” because Jay had more facts, a better beat, and only 2 verses directed at Nas, and also he didnt use any play on names like “Cockerfella” and “Gay Z”. Which were funny as fuck but only embarassed Jay. Takeover stung a little harder.
    p.s who the hell is Krs i googled him and this black guy with twisted hair pops up….the fuck

  8. The Ballerina line is referring to Prodigy of Mobb Deep. This is an interesting discussion that will go on for years, but there is no winner, it is a matter of opinion, & there is no way you could poll something like this accurately & honestly without it been prematurely favorable one way or the other, or just straight up corrupt, kind of like political elections, & even if you could, the tense of the decision could change in years to come, eg. their careers could change drastically from what they are now. How people reflect on the music after one or both of them has died will be different too. & again, what one person thinks is the deciding factors in who is a winner & who is a loser, is not the same as the next person. Popular opinion for something like this could not possibly be recorded completely, & even if it could, popular opinion changes. Personally, I’ve thought each of them has won at different times in my life, but thee actual final binding victor, is yet to be determined IMO.

  9. Whoaw! Jus stumbled upon dis while messing with my ☎. Let’s keep things real…Ether vs Takeover: Nas murder Jay. Nas had facts (as can be seen when you go through the other contribution). Plus it was unexpected that Nas/ anyone for that fact, could ever comeback from such a diss as Takeover (that’s like expecting Biggie to comeback from Hit ’em up)
    Nas vs Jay-Z, better rapper: Its Nas again. He’s kept it real for the better part of his career. Nas comes at you with intelligent lyrics. & the way Nas alerts you to social issuses and all.
    Nas vs Jay-Z, the better entertainer: this goes to Jay (when it comes to this “his no play”)
    Jay’s commercial success only goes to show we’d rather listen to “bragging rap” as opposed to “socially conscious rap”.

  10. breacking news: jay z went o nas with takeover beacause people he tghouth nas was the best rapper out ther…to be the best you godda chalange the best…and nas being in a bad moment lyricaly, jay figered that thi was the moment to f*** him up… then ETHER came. from that moment on, every good diss song it’s called ether…do the math

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