Jay-Z Wins American Music Award For Best Rap Male Artist

Jay-Z wins the AMA for best rap male artist for The Blueprint 3. Watch his acceptance speech where he sends 50 Cent a shot “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”, which is obviously because BP3 sold over 400k it’s first week while BISD is tanking.

[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKH6An7-p6g /]


3 thoughts on “Jay-Z Wins American Music Award For Best Rap Male Artist

  1. Hmmmm…don’t know about it bein a shot to 50. I’ve heard Jay say that at a lot of award ceremonies.

  2. Well let’s see Fifty been talking reckless lately as well as Beans.

  3. After listening to BISD, i gotta say it might actually be a good thing if 50 tanks and takes it as a sign to quit while hes ahead and just manage whatever investments hes planning on making. Sad to say, but the old 50 from Get Rich or Die Trying is never coming back, hes just a hack artist now. In his own words “none of his shit is really relevant” right now, how many of those bullshit ass mixtapes did he drop before releasing BISD?? Around 3 i think and none of them really got any recognition or hype.

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