Jay-Z Vs Big Pun: Whose Better?

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Random question of the day, since it’s a slow labor day, whose better Jay-Z or Big Pun? Let’s make this more interesting which album is better Jay-Z’s first album “Reasonable Doubt” or Big Pun’s first album “Capital Punishment”.

It’s hard to say my favorite joint of “Reasonable Doubt” is probably “Can I Live” where my favorite joint of Capital Punishment” is “The Dream Shatterer”. I know most will give this one to Jay but let’s hear what yall think?

22 thoughts on “Jay-Z Vs Big Pun: Whose Better?

  1. @Esteban Blondet -“jay z was good but he wasnt a real rapper like big pun or biggie “. There was high competition between biggie and jigger for who was better, biggie even said jay z might be doper than him. Jay Z WAS a real rapper. I repeat- WAS.

  2. damn,pun is far better than jay.pun was born with it(the rap talent).jay is just an opportunist…..

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