Jay-Z thinks Lupe is Cool and The Cool Album Cover

Lupe Fiasco The Cool

Lupe is such a nerd it’s so refreshing. And he’s not a nerd in the sense of Fo’Real who just says he’s a nerd for marketing purposes. Lupe is a certified rap nerd. His next album, The Cool, which is based on the character created from the track by the same name on his debut Food & Liquor, is shaping up to be something special. [sidebar: I’m really exited about the state of hip hop within the next year, think about it Lupe’s The Cool, Joe Budden’s Mood Musik 3 and Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 3.]

Oh yeah and what yall came to see, according to a recent Blender.cominterview Jay-Z was asked

Blender: Excluding anyone on Def Jam, who’s your favorite rapper these days?

Jay-Z: I’d say, Lupe Fiasco. I love Lupe. He’s a genius writer. In his approach to making music and the depth of his lyrics, the guy is incredibly smart. I’m sure he goes over people’s heads, but I love him for that.

Now whose your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper? Even though, I was mad at Lupe for re-doing Food & Liquor which paled in comparison to the internet bootleg, I can’t really blame him for obvious reasons. Lupe if you reading this, and I know you probably are, don’t let that shit happen again, show these people what you made of!

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