Jay Z Still Doesn’t Get It

Hov’s new video “Holy Grail” premiered today on Facebook (of all places) and while it does have great production value, it just doesn’t connect. I can’t see this video or song resonating with anybody. Jay Z just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t matter how good your production values are, what matters is how well you connect with whoever is watching the damn thing!

I really have to take a moment to face palm myself because it boggles my mind how you can be worth damn near a billion dollars and not get it. But I guess it makes sense, everything in life is a paradox. Of course a shrewd billionaire rapper is going to be out of touch with the general public – there’s just no way anybody is going to relate to him. And sure that may have not mattered in the past when we would listen to Jay as someone we would aspire to be, but most of us know we’re never going to make a tenth of Jay Z’s worth. Basically we’re all poor and Jay-Z is out-of-touch.

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