Jay-Z Rhapsody Commerical

Yes I know this is a commercial but it’s mad cool. All my true Jay-Z heads will know what’s going on. Props to the good folks over at Rhapsody.

Btw, the BP3 has leaked and a YoRapper review is in the works.


One thought on “Jay-Z Rhapsody Commerical

  1. when i first heard a few of the songs like off that (without real real bass i can not listen to this), and venus amd mars, and run this town(jay flow and lyrics down a step) i thought this shit was going to be madd dull, but after checking the other shit out on rhapsody I have to say the other beats are sounding more my style, I’m just hoping his lyrics are my type too, but imma probably check your reveiw and just trust that. star is born and young forever is kingdom come actually grown up good shit

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