Jay-Z Performs “Empire State of Mind” (2009 MTV VMAs)

Maybe I should have picked this as one of the best songs BP3, cause this performance gave me goosebumps (even though Jay seems to forget some of the words).

[flashvideo file=http://video.ak.facebook.com/video-ak-sf2p/v6814/88/107/1119551553589_20217.mp4 /]


4 thoughts on “Jay-Z Performs “Empire State of Mind” (2009 MTV VMAs)

  1. Yeah I feel you. I tag this is the best song on the album. Fam I still get goosebumps seein Jay perform sometimes. I saw the homie live for the “Hard Knock Life” tour…crazy! Bout to check out this 9/11 Madison Square Garden video…

  2. why was lil mama there? jay really seemed like hes trying his best to ignore her

  3. i bet that show was fucking amazing, hard knock life was that shit back in the day.

  4. lil mama fuccin look like she need some attention

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