Jay Z Losing Cred

I’ve been feeling this exact way since he dropped MCHG, in which he partnered with Samsung thereby pocketing $5 mill and ultimately negotiating his way to platinum without actually selling a million copies.

It appears I’m not alone, a research study of people between the ages of 13 and 31 ranked Jay’s deal with Samsung as the second worse celebrity deal behind Justin Bieber’s nail polish deal. It’s funny I saw Bieber’s nail polish in a store and almost barfed, so this sounds just about right.

We all know Bieber or perhaps Bieber’s team would sell anything for a buck but an artist like Jay Z should know better. The thing that bothers me about Hov is that he puts so much emphasis on money and not art. Sure he pretends to be artistic, buying Warhols and making lame videos in museums. But I just don’t feel Jay is putting his true self out there like Kanye.

Remember the story from the Watch The Throne tour where Jay wanted to scale the show down to save money whereas Kanye was like let’s overspend, who cares if we don’t make a profit, let’s give the people a good show. If you’ve gone to Kanye’s recent Yeezus show, you’ll know the man over deliverers. His show’s production value is more akin to a Broadway play then a typical come on 2 hours late and perform for 40 minutes rap show. Kanye knows the power of authenticity, whereas Jay Z has lost his way.

Jay is just resting on his laurels. If we question his credibility, he’ll probably bring up his crack dealing past in the 80’s. But that was the fucking 80’s! What have you done as an artist in the 2013’s to prove that you are a trusted voice and not someone trying to milk us?

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