Jay Z Gives J.Cole Something I Never Would Give Up

Imagine for a moment you’re Jay Z. You have a worth of half a billion dollars, are considered the greatest in your field and oh yeah Beyonc√©. What would be one of the most valuable things to you aside your family and friends?

How about your first chain. And not just any first chain but the one that symbolizes your success from the beginning. In what is one of the most selfless acts ever, Jay Z gifts his original Roc-a-fella chain to his signee J.Cole for his 29th birthday for the NY stop of Cole’s What Dreams May Come Tour in Madison Square Garden.

See it happen below:

**Bonus**: J. Cole’s Dreamville label has signed with Interscope and to celebrate dropped a mixtape titled, Revenge of the Dreamers, featuring the artists Cole has signed.

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