Jay-Z Airs Out Lil Wayne, Dame Dash & Roc-A-Fella in Vibe Mag

Jay-Z Vibe Magazine

I peep’d the new Vibe with Jay-Z on the cover and the interview they did with Old Man is actually pretty good. Here’s some interesting excerpts for your reading pleasure.

Jay-Z would be very, very, very mad if McCain became President,

I’m afraid for the country if McCain gets elected. Four more years of that type of politics? I’m afraid of what could happen. I would start looking -and I’m being very honest-for real estate in another country to spend my time. Because we would be the biggest hypocrites ever.

He would actually leave the US if McCain was elected? I don’t buy it.

On that crackhead Lil Wayne, who if you saw the piece in Blender, you’ll know dude is a friggin’ weirdo.

He first approached me as a fan. when he felt like he was close enough, he was like, Maybe I can take his head off [laughs] -which is natural. I think he really is a fan of mine. I think he really loves the shit that I’ve done.

Ohhhh subliminal sonnage.

On the demise of Roc-A-Fella,

That was the biggest tragedy for me. In concept. [Roc-A-Fella] was the perfect thing. But sometimes life gets in the way. The spirit of it was better than any mantra, better than any motto ever created in the music business. Maybe Berry Gordy [was bigger], but he operated [Motown] like a factory at some point.

On the betrayal of once fellow cris sipper and business partner, Dame Dash:

I’ve never said this before, but any second-guessing went away when Dame was participating in the whole beef [with Cam’Ron]. Regardless, what we built, it’s still precious. At the end of the day, there’s still a respect in that. No matter what! I’m not going to do certain things or say certain things about Dame. That’s out of respect for what we’ve done. I’m not going to go too far. And I just felt like any participation in that, whether you could stop it or not, if you’re in the video or you’re on the set or you’re involved in that, then I pretty much made the right decision because a person that carries that forever will respect that situation. That’s just how it is.

I like how Hov had to back peddle on his holier than tho comments because he remembered his “I heard motha ******** sayin they made Hov, made Hov say okay so make another Hov” line. I think both parties should come back together, Dame’s foreclosing on his houses and Jay’s putting out wack music.

2 thoughts on “Jay-Z Airs Out Lil Wayne, Dame Dash & Roc-A-Fella in Vibe Mag

  1. Wow.. Hov putting out wack music?
    As if everything else thats coming out is that dope….lmao.
    I wonder if anyone thinking that hov is putting out wack music is a weezy fan or anyone else that copies ho…

  2. Jay Z is full of it. This is the man who made his career from sucking all he can from another who does all the legwork and dirty work, and then he screws them under one pretext or another.

    Dame can be obnoxious but he supplied the money to record Reasonable Doubt. Dame is the one who got screwed by one of the so called business people (probably criminal)in the early days, Dame lost the money.

    Jay Z’s pattern is this: he aint a street cat really. Others protect him and put their money into him (De Haven, Dash etc) then he ups and leaves. Jay Z really is a hoe – others dirty their hands, he benefits, he then discards them.
    Sure he has a few Marcy cats around him but they’re bought. They knew him when he was young and he bought their muscle. That’s all. Jay never got the shit beaten out of him when he was young because he was always surrounded by useful men who were hard.

    Dame is hard, Dame is gangsta in the sense of being a really tough, streetwise guy. So is Biggs Burke.
    Jay no doubt married Beyonce for a no of reasons including her music contacts and their earning potential as a partnership. Cool.

    But look at how he lives and judge if he really is streetwise. Bullshit. He made a little cash running around for Calvin Klein and others but he aint never really in the drug game.

    He then got put on by Jaz O and learnt the music game, screwed Jaz O and joined forces with Dame.
    If Beyonce isn’t useful he will dump her too.

    Jay Z is a fake thru and thru. That’s why he doesn’t dare go anywhere without being chauffered in a Mayback with lots of protection. He’s being protected like a snitch because he has as many morals as one and he did foul by many people.

    Look at the game he’s playing putting freemansonry symbols on the Rocawear line and playing around in videos with the signs. It may yet come and bite him in that fat fake ass of his.

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