Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson “Young Forever” Video

Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson join forces for the fourth single of BP3 video for “Young Forever”.

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4 thoughts on “Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson “Young Forever” Video

  1. Um…no Hov. You’re 40 and over the hill. And it’s starting to show with you making videos of this. I’m gonna take his advice “niggas on my old shit,buy my old album”.

  2. Hahah…lemme quit frontin. I listen to this when i’m around my chick. She digs this joint heavy.

  3. first off I sense a lil autotune in the albino’s voice, second off excluding the black eyed peas entire album, this is definately top gayest songs of this year….

  4. Man, everything Hov fuck with is classic “FOREVER YOUNG”, who wouldn’t want to live young forever!!!!!

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