Jay-Z “Death of Auto Tune (D.O.A.)” Radio Rip

Funkmaster Flex premiered a new Jay-Z song tonight called “Death of Auto Tune (D.O.A.)” (listen to high quality version below). It is the first street single of The Blueprint 3, expect the first radio single for the album to be dropping in July and it will feature Drake. Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 is set to hit stores September 11th, 2009.

As for “D.O.A.” it’s mad refreshing to hear Hov get his grown man on, but auto tune has BEEN played out. I also think it’s a bit self-serving for the only rapper that doesn’t and can’t use auto tune to make a track against it.

Do you think this will stop rappers from using t-pain’s butthole (aka auto tune)?

[audio:Jay-Z – D.O.A..mp3]

One thought on “Jay-Z “Death of Auto Tune (D.O.A.)” Radio Rip

  1. it’ll probably get kanye to stop, he only did this song because everyone has been waiting for someone with legitimacy to have the balls to do this. This song isn’t going to impact anyone though really, if autotune is where the money has been at, it’s not going to change until something new comes up

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