Jay-Z -Blow the Whistle (DeShawn Stevenson Diss)

Jay-Z Deshawn Stevenson Lebron James

Jay-Z randomly goes off against Lebron James’s foe DeShawn Stevenson. Expect a reply from Soulja Boy any day soon.

This beat choice of Too Short’s Blow the Whistle is kinda weird.

For those that don’t know, here’s the back story to all this. DeShawn Stevenson, who plays for the Washington Wizards said, “Lebron James is overated”. Lebron in response said, “Me answering him is like Jay-Z responding to Soulja Boy”. Stevenson and the Wizards went on to blow out Lebron and the Cavs by 36 points the other night to the tune of Soulja Boy’s Crank Dat, which was no coincidence.

Then on Friday night at a Washington club called “Love” for Gilbert Arena’s 25th birthday, the DJ started playing Jay-Z’s DeShawn Stevenson diss. Now this is a club that is frequented by Wizard players and a few players were in attendance that night. Nonetheless, apparently the Wizards will now be boycotting that place and the owner is upset.

We don’t really care, other than we get to hear Jay-Z over a Too Short beat.

One thought on “Jay-Z -Blow the Whistle (DeShawn Stevenson Diss)

  1. jay does what jay does… and that’s go in… but, if Lebron dissed Deshawn… Shouldn’t Jay be aiming this a Soulja Boy??? Hahhahahaha, yea right! Let’s find something more compelling to report on please!!!

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