Jay-Z American Gangster First Day Sales

Jay-Z American Gangster Sales

Not that I actually care, but since most of you have become “internet A&Rs”, Jay-Z’s sales of American Gangster appear to be a “non-event” unlike the spectacle the Kanye Vs. Fifty sales race was. In fact, if Amazon.com is any indication of the first week sales, it looks as if Jay’s sales will not eclipse last year’s Kingdom Come (which sold 680,000 in its first week) as it is currently sitting at #8 on Amazon.

However, Jay-Z’s American Gangster album has made it to #1 on The Billboard 200 with an estimated 179,000 units scanned in the first day according to 79% of retailers polled. This puts Jay-Z in a two way tie with Elvis for having 10 albums at the #1 spot on Billboard. Both artists are behind The Beatles who have 19 albums chart. Knowing the kind of competitor Jay is, I think we are in for about 10 more Jay-Z albums.

I’m glad the American Gangster album is not being hyped up so much as it gives the music time to breathe…like it used to be. No one cared about album sales, or even know what The Billboard was. Jay seems to have planned it this way as his album is a throw back to when albums were a complete work of art, instead of radio friendly singles. Though, I’m sure American Gangster will sell decent, it wont be a blockbuster as “the kids” don’t seem to like it. I know, I know everyone’s waiting for Tha Carter 3.

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4 thoughts on “Jay-Z American Gangster First Day Sales

  1. Yes. He did make it a throwback, that's why the sales are so interesting.

  2. wow i didn't know the song was this old


  3. People dont like to think thats why the kids dont like Jay-Z,they dont listen to lyrics they just dance to beats and dumb hooks this is why they cant wait for Carter 3….everytime I get Jay-Z cd I get an education,not justa bunch of meaningless tracks…Jay-z has never sold 1 million out of the gate but he has been platinum or better 9 solo albums and the ones he dropped with R Kelly, and that band…."Roc Boyz in the building"

  4. jayz explains knowledge. The streets and how he beat it.
    music comes from knowledge, knowledge comes from education
    ,education comes from experience. He’s the best becaused he’s lived it and is expressing it not hiding it like these fake rappers who claim to have struggled. People need to stop hating on that which they did not live or been where he’s been. He’s fortunate and successful be glad for him.

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