Jay Electronica the Million Dollar Home Wrecker?

Wondering where Act 2 is? Apparently Jay Electronica is too busy breaking up happy homes. He’s allegedly the reason behind Ben Goldsmith and his wife Kate Goldsmith filing for divorce. Who are they? Two rich white people from the U.K.

Ben became suspicious when he found emails and text messages between his wife and Jae Electronica arranging booty calls. The article also notes that Jae is signed to Kate’s record label, but I’m pretty sure Elect is signed to Roc Nation?

Read more about this here.

I guess Act 2 is coming out at the same time as Detox.


2 thoughts on “Jay Electronica the Million Dollar Home Wrecker?

  1. Well the Rothchild banking family created the illuminati…So that must mean Roc Nation and Jay-Z are all symbols to suppress us

  2. He should make a song “I’m wrecking homes like Angelina Jolie”

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