Jay Electronica Rates Soulja Boy?

Jay Electronica speaks on the lack of lyricism in hip hop has been replaced by a different type of lyricism: energy. He mentions Soulja Boy as being a prime example of this new type of lyricist (and I don’t follow what he’s saying either). I’m not sure if Jay is just saying that to be different or he actually believes that nonsense.

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3 thoughts on “Jay Electronica Rates Soulja Boy?

  1. Fuck you mean Yo Rappa??? Dude is exactly on point with this observation!!!!

  2. I think it would have been better if he had used gucci mane instead of soulja boy in his argument.

  3. Then you do understand what he’s talking about… and I actually see the Gucci argrument. I think this was at a time when Soulja was the hottest (record sales, publicity, etc) so he naturally went in that direction?!

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