J. Cole “Who Dat” Video

I’m not sure if there’s a bunch of flies around J.Cole cause his hand movements are little intense. But other than that this is kinda dope.


7 thoughts on “J. Cole “Who Dat” Video

  1. man that beat is dope :P

  2. Lemme find out Yorapper’s jackin posts from my Facebook. Hahaha…just kiddin fam…another BBGUN joint!

  3. i could see what he was saying about the drake dis in the third verse

  4. didnt even think of that but now that you say it murphy.. somebody said he’s the new drake – “aint sayin names but we not the same, all that money and fame don’t change that you lame” plus he’s doing drakes singing in the middle of a verse too.. a beef i would actually care about :P

  5. i actually liked that bit of singing cole did better than drakes whining on his songs

  6. Speaking of….WHERE THE FUCK IS MY JCOLE album??? Homie needs to drop at LEAST by fall.

  7. he’ll flop just like all these other rappers who they call “hip hops hope”

    even tho he still is ill

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