It’s Pay Day Till My Last Day: 50 Cent and Jay-Z

50 Cent Jay-Z

In 2007 which rapper had the biggest pay day? Duh, Fifty’s stake in Vitamin Water grew by 10 times, when Coca-Cola bought it for 4 billion dollars. has compiled a list of this years biggest celebrity paydays, here’s an excerpt.

Jackson [50 Cent] told Forbes he predicted Coca-Cola would snap up the fledgling company. Sure enough, on June 7, Coca Cola acquired Glacéau for $4.1 billion, netting the rapper $100 million a month before his 31st birthday. That payout earned him the No. 2 slot on the Forbes Celebrity Paydays list.

Fifty better be careful what he says cause that seems like inside information to me. Here’s how much Hov made.

Celebrity-owned businesses proved extremely lucrative last year. Jay-Z banked $82 million (before taxes) when he sold his urban apparel line Rocawear to Iconix Brand Group in a deal topping $204 million.

I love when everyone gets money!

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