Is the Hip Hop Gang Cool with Gays?

**Disclaimer: If your Jamaican and you have a plaque over your bed that reads “batty man fi dead” don’t read this.

Gays are such a conundrum to the modern thinking hip hop heads like me. Even though, artists like Kanye West, Common and the Beastie Boys have denounced the use of “fag” and the anti-gay slang we use, while other artists like Fat Joe are still prone to call their enemies “homo” and put out photoshop’d dvd covers of them doing gay pr0n shots (which was suspect in itself). But even I, when I get into “beef” with someone am liable to call them such names to degrade them. I remember one time I told someone, “you make gay people look straight”. And I only say that to show I have respect for the gheys.

See on one hand, we can relate to their struggle as being an oppressed group in society but on the other hand their bedroom practices are just mad disgusting, it’s ‘gusting. Now why am I talking about all this? See, I was stuck watching this gay ass movie with Jennifer Aniston who falls for a gay guy, but who eventually ends up with Paul (this was the worst movie ever btw). There were some scenes in the movie where they didn’t show the gayness, but just that imagery alone is hella gross. I’ve never scene Brokeback Mountain but the look on my girl’s face, whose so liberal she’s a damn near commi, reminded me of how she felt seeing that movie.

Now I consider myself, pretty easy going and for the record and am cool with gay marriage and all that. Any thinking person knows anyone has the right to marry whoever, and yes you can make the argument for polygamy (heck there’s even a tv show about it and also shouts to Akon). But when it comes to what the gays do in the bedroom, I have to put my foot down, even seeing chicks get busy with each other in pr0n ain’t appealing to me. But this is all “for the record” stuff anyway…back on topic.

The funny thing was prior to watching this random TV movie, on 20/20 (yes it was a boring night) they talked about how gayness is inherited and some scientist believe it’s possibly linked to some genes. This really got me thinking about gays (no homo). But is gayness inherited or socially constructed? That is, are gays taught to be gay by society or born to be gay?

If your taught to be gay by society that would mean everyone would be gay and why would society want to teach us to be gay? If anything gays are one of the most hated groups on the earth, next to Blacks, Jews, Muslims and Americans (I kid). Now right wing Christians believe its a learned behavior because of all the gay TV shows and movies promoting the gay lifestyle. Yeah RIGHT. They only have to believe this because it would mean God doesn’t exist as God would never make anyone gay. Again, gays are hated by the majority of society (except in parts of California and New York), so why would you willingly choose to be gay? That’s like willingly choosing to bang Amy Winehouse.

I personally, believe gayness is inherited because it’s pretty obvious even in elementary school who the hell is going to “come out” in high school. It’s no different than choosing your skin color, your height, your hair type, or any physical trait you are born with. So you can’t blame a person for being gay just like you can’t blame someone for being black.

Now back to the original question, is the hip hop gang cool with the gays? Hell nah. What do you fruits think?

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3 thoughts on “Is the Hip Hop Gang Cool with Gays?

  1. in what way are Jews one of the most hated groups?? maybe in 1920s…but right now its just Muslims and Blacks

  2. u dont like lesbian porn, two clits no dicks, what more can u ask for

  3. Nah people talk shit about Jews, but they are probably not held back in terms of getting jobs and promotions.

    And yeah girl on girl, is okay, just not my thing, chicks need to get piped haha.

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