Is It Okay To Say F*G In Front Of a Gay Person?

Kanye West

**Disclaimer: Everything in the following post is nonsense**

So aside from premiering a new Jay-Z song “Jockin’ Jay-Z” at a Madison Square performance last Tuesday, Kanye West also made a comment about disrespecting different cultures and particularly about the Gay & Lesbian community. He said,

“You know how many people came at me, calling me ‘gay’ cause I wear my jeans the fresh way? Or ’cause I said, ‘Hey, dude, how y’all gonna say ‘f**k’ right in front of a gay dude’s face and act like that’s OK?’ That s**t is disrespectful.

Now aside from Kanye making this comment just to suck up to his new gay friends in the fashion community, he raises an interesting point. I’m all for learning about different cultures and being tolerant about them. I am obviously for minority rights and unlike Barack Obama and John McCain and about 50% of the population, am unequivocally for gay marriage and all that rah rah equal rights-ness. But isn’t their a line where we become so oversensitive to our cultural and sexual differences that we can’t mutually make fun of each other. For example, if I see a man wearing tight pink pants, I’m probably going to think that dude is gay and if my friends are around I’ll probably say “wow that’s really gay” and if I’m drunk I’ll probably scream out “wow that’s mad homo!”. But am I a Gay basher?

I personally don’t think so because I am not one of these anti-gay Christian/Islamic fundamentalist who think Gayness is a disease and all that other foolish slander. I also wouldn’t mean malice when I say it. I suppose their are degrees of malice ranging from outright Holocaust oppression to a cheeky slight. Now considering I rarely speak without delivering some form of covert slight (which is a covert way of saying I diss everyone) I would say I’m being pretty accommodating of the Gays.

But for the record I still think Stronger is the gayest rap song of all time. *Slight*

Anyway I feel I shouldn’t end this post without some kind of proclamation that rappers and those in the hip hop community should not use words such as “gay” and “f*g” when describing “gay-like” situations in hip hop.

Hmmm I wonder so what words should we us instead? Take the situation where we called Lil Wayne a f*g for kissing Birdman on the lips, what other derogatory names could we call him instead of “gay” and “f*g” without having someone complain?

  • Fruit
  • Fruits may get mad.

  • Disgusting
  • Gays may get mad.

  • Batimon
  • Jamaican slang for a man that likes bums. Gay Jamaicans may get mad.

  • Pussy
  • Women’s group may get mad.
    I know…

  • Bushy
  • Not only can you show your disappointment in the current US President but you can also call some a pussy without all the fuss or puss and pass it off as a political freedom.

One thought on “Is It Okay To Say F*G In Front Of a Gay Person?

  1. As a gay dude, my opinion is that you can say whatever you want to whoever you want as long as you’re bigger than the person who may be offended. If you call me a fag, you’ll be a victim of a gay bashing of a different sort. Don’t forget 9 out of 10 gay guys work out every day… And in this narrow-minded country, a guy wearing tight pink pants is either asking for or prepared to receive derogatory comments.

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