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Ice Cube The Essentials

Peep Ice Cube’s latest album The Essentials. Stream and track list inside.

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Ice Cube’s The Essentials Track List
1. Go To Church (with Snoop Dogg & Lil Jon)
2. Bird In Hand
3. Ghetto Vet, with background vocals by Mack 10 & Mr. Short Khop
4. Greed
5. Supreme Hustle
6. It Was A Good Day
7. Spittin’ Pollaseeds (featuring Dub C & Kokane)
8. Rollin’ With The Lench Mob
9. The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit
10. When Will They Shoot?
11. Why We Thugs/Smoke Some Weed (live medley)
12. Givin’ Up The Nappy Dugout
13. A Gangsta’s Fairytale
14. Check Yo Self (with Das Efx)
15. What Can I Do?
16. War & Peace
17. Dead Homiez
18. Cold Places

Album in stores now.

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