I Did It Again…Jay-Z is #1 Sales

Jay-Z Beyonce

Jay-Z is on fire this week. Today Billboard reports that Hov has beat out The Eagles and Brittney Spears to take the #1 position on the charts with a total of 425,000 copies sold within the first week. This makes Jay-Z tied with Elvis for the most albums to debut at #1, only behind The Beatles whom have 19 albums at the top spot.

Meanwhile, Cassidy’s album B.A.R.S which was released the same day as Jay’s clocked in at 63,000 units scanned. Cas is going to have to step up his promotion if he wants to get those hip hop consumers away from Jiggaman. I can’t knock him to much though, Jay’s marketing plan has been impeccable; cover of XXL, sold out tour, full length interviews on PBS and disgruntled rappers saying your name everywhere, hard pressed for anyone to beat that.

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  1. beyonce can you be my mom

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