How to Meet Girls on Facebook: Cupid Review

Facebook’s popularity has largely been because most users have to give their real name and the only people that can view your profile are the people you approve. Because of this emphasis on “trust”, Facebook isn’t very good at meeting new people -just keeping in touch with the people you already know. Well what if you’re a single guy and you want to meet real girls on Facebook? How do you go about finding out whose single and whose not? Well that was impossible for Facebook users until this new facebook application came along.

The name of the application is Cupid and what it has created is a way for singles to meet new people on Facebook. The concept is pretty simple, it asks you to create a “date-card” in which you lists your interests and location and then it matches you up with other users with similar preferences that live close to you, who you can connect with in much the same way as a normal Facebook friend -you can message them, chat, send gifts and even add as a Facebook friend.

The biggest benefit is pretty obvious: trust. Since (almost) everyone on Facebook is using their real name their isn’t the same trust issues that other dating sites have. Now some men may want to hide their identity for obvious reasons (for the ladies are those men worth dating?), but I bet most women will like the idea that they are actually interacting with a real guy. Think about it, would a girl actually want to use a dating service where she talks to Mr.BigJohnson or Mark Johnson? I’m betting the latter.

Although Cupid is primarily for singles from the US, they have also built country specific applications that singles from Canada, UK, and Australia, can enjoy. I have used the application myself and find it throughly enjoyable and very easy to meet new single girls. I suggest you add the application and try it yourself by going here.


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  1. tats very good

  2. i love a sexy girl

  3. wow, what a great idea, if only facebook would step up and give us some freaking search options!!! please!

  4. mis u jan

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