How to Be a Rapper

A guide on how to think like a successful artist.

Over the last few months, one of the things I’ve enjoyed ranting about is “making it” as a rapper. For your convenience I’ve put together some of my best posts on this subject. I really hope this helps you change how you think about how you approach making music. I will be adding more to it in the future, so bookmark/tweet/like/email this to yourself and check back on it every so often. Also the advice I give in here is not just for rappers, it can apply to anyone that creates art, it is however written for someone who wants to enjoy a long and successful career as a rapper.

50 ways to be a lame rapper

Why you wont make it as a rapper

The co-sign is dead

How many mixtapes does it take to blow?

How to get your rap song played on the radio

Real Rap vs Fake Rap

Update: I’ve complied all the posts above as well as added some exclusive new articles to an ebook I’m giving away titled “How to be a Rapper”. The book isn’t finished yet, but enter your email below to get a free copy of it when it comes out. Trust me it’s worth it!


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