How Should I Dress at a Kanye West Concert?

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I received this question from one of our readers, named Mike, here’s what he wanted to know,

“Hi YoRapper,

I just purchased some really cheap tickets to the Kanye West Glow in the Dark concert from your site and I had one question. I am a 42 year old dad and I am taking my 14 year old daughter and 13 year old son to the Kanye West concert here in Los Angeles. I just would like to know how should I dress?

Thank you,


Thanks for writing Mike and for getting the Kanye West tickets. I would say if your a 42 year old dad, you can dress, however, the hell you want at a Kanye West concert. This isn’t like the 80’s and 90’s where parents had to dress like their kids to fit in which just made parents look ridiculous wearing overly baggy pants and backwards hats. Luckily for you, Kanye West wears the most tightest pants ever, so you don’t have to wear jeans that are 5 sizes to big.

I would recommend, however, you take a common sense approach. Your going to be at a concert, so don’t wear your best shoes, because your feet are likely going to get stepped on. Tell your kids this too, because they may wear their best clothes only to find out Kanye doesn’t care what you wear, as long as you are paying attention to what he’s wearing.

Also if your a white dude, bring some sunblock and a hat, I’ve seen white folk turn into lobsters and melt at concerts.

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  1. if your having a problem with it just ask them to go in your closet and pick out something that looks cool

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