How Dumb Are These People?


I’m a pretty level headed person, but nothing gets me more heated than when (1) Republicans attack Barack Obama for non-issue based reasons such as his middle name being Hussein or because his father was a Muslim from Kenya and (2) when little kids claim Lil Wayne is better than Jay-Z. First of all, grow the fuck up.

Now admittedly, I have never heard anyone mumble such ignorance in person, but here in bizarro internet world, people are apparently retarded. Take the amount of anti-Obama videos popping up on Youtube right now courtesy of the good folks at Fox News. I don’t know who taught these hicks to record Fox to their computers or how they even have computers in the first place but there consistent posting of Fox News clips as the premier informational resource on all things Obama is driving me crazy.

How can anyone take Fox News seriously? Who watches this nonsense? How can these people not see through this bullshit? Though these are the same yahoos that gave George Bush a second term.

Now for the Weezy-riders…Jay-Z’s track record speaks for itself. But if your too lazy to read all that because you are pumped up on promethazine. 10 multi-platinum albums in 12 years. Don’t get me wrong, Lil Wayne is great but he’s no where near Jigga yet and will likely be nowhere near Hov’s success when he is 40 -if he lives that long.

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