Here We Go Again: Jim Jones and Cam’ron Dip Set Reunion

How many times have we heard that Dip Set is going to reunite? Too many. Well at least now it appears the two founding members Jim Jones and Cam’ron are on “talking in front of the camera” basis. I wouldn’t even be mad if Juelz Santana made amends with Killa at this point, on second thought…nah.

Here’s some footage of Cam’ron and Jim Jones talking about a possible Dip Set album dropping this Christmas (I’ll believe it when I download it).

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4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again: Jim Jones and Cam’ron Dip Set Reunion

  1. Will New York niggas and Game never learn? Beef was late 90’s and early 2000…it’s all about unification now…fuck the polotics.

  2. i’m BOUT this reunion. and juelz better get his shit in too

  3. Only niggas I bang form the wrong coast, say for jay… smh

  4. Why must this nigga always look dirty all the time… dammmmmmmmmmmmmnnnn looooooooooooolllll And WTF is he talking about, “HEAT IT UP LIKE THE SUMMER”??? Ah man, hurry up with the project!!!

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