Hell Rell Leaves Dip Set

Hell Rell

In a recent interview with HipHopGame.com, Hel Rell admits his free agent status. Here’s what he said,

It’s Hell Rell the Top Gunna. I’m a free agent. Anyone that wants to holla at me with the paperwork, I have no ties with anybody. That’s what it is.” HHG

I think it’s safe to say Dip Set is over. Turns on Come Home With Me.

9 thoughts on “Hell Rell Leaves Dip Set

  1. This probably would never happen but I wish BGizzle would pick up Hell Rell on his label Chopper City. Either that or maybe Swizz would sign Hell Rell to Full Surface to rap with the king of Philly, Cassidy.

  2. I’m not gunna lie, I never thought that ruga would leave the set with all the talk of, how the dips “not a click, not a gang, not a unit, so they’ll never break up.” Anyways i guess shit happens, and for the record I hope ruga rell never signs with swizz; he can do better than swizz, thats for damn sure. Hell Rell is still the hardest out and thats a fact, and I hope that despite leavin’ dipset rell will continue to make good hip hop.

  3. a yo man i love da dips i cant blieve da 2nd greatest rap group off all time is breakn up wu-tang #1 ima fan of both yall had da hottest beats who im supposed2 listen 2 now

  4. It’s actually kinda Sad(No Homo). Cause this man really backed cam up and looked out for the dude, if he ever stood on the whole Jimmy or Cam alliance there would be no doubts that he would stick by Cam 110%.
    This is really disappointing cause now I know Cam did alot of these guys dirty. I don’t listen to Jimmy, Skull Gang, Juelz, Freaky nor Byrdgang…. Camron really killed Dipset, he single handedly destroyed one of the best groups of our time now.
    I wish Rell the best, this man’s a beast on the Mic, I hope someone good picks him up…. Whatever you do…. Don’t sell out like the rest of the team, we do understand you gotta make that money but don’t become one of these clowns.

  5. ruga rell top gunna keep that shit commin

  6. dipest is bullshit they arent even good

  7. rell all day every day iight

  8. I don’t really even like a lot of rap. But Ruga is the man. He really is the hardest nigga out here in the streets. and he can really rip a mic up and kill a beat. so Hell Rell keep rippin it up and with or without dipset you’re still the best rapper with a mic out there bro.

  9. Yo this is how i see jr writer and 40 cal is the best rappers that were ever involed wit the dips but jimmy cam ruga and juelz are more marketable but as far as wordplay writer and 40 got the shit onlock thats my view but hell rell is dope and marketable in the south like juelz is both of them gonna get paid i wanna no where 40 cal gonna go wit his carrer.

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